Top Precautions To Protect your loved Ones From Covid-19

It has been 2 years since covid struck human kind and so called normal days were long gone. Many people have lost their loved ones, the ones who they use to care the most in these recent years. Now a days corona virus is not much actively spreading but still the danger is there. In such circumstances it is very important to understand and follow precautions protocols for covid-19 to ensure good health.

Here are some suggested habits that you should develop.

Cleaning Vegitables

Although it sounds more of like a neusence but washing vegitables with a cleaning solution is very effective. it is observed that covid19 or corona virus did spreadeed the most because of careless ignorance. whenever you buy vegitables, Firstly, you need to put it at a socially isolated place so that no other member in the family touches it. Secondly, wash your hands and wash vegitables with a detergent. Detergents with dissolve covid molecules in it if present. It will wash away with water and veggies become safe to consume.

Avoid Touching Railing

It is a habit which is far widely seen that people when the walk on staircase, they often grab railing at public places. Yes, it is good to hold them because it enhances safety. Although washing hands eleminates the risk. But still it is a suggested to not touch railings but walk carefully.

Unnecessary Face Touch

Another habit that we have is that mostly we just have an urge of either rubbing our eyes, or rubbing our nose. Specifically for men, touching mustaches or beard again and again is something that you should be worried of. Since these urges are there, the chance of getting infected increases by a huge factor. Since we have to reprogram our mentallity, It is going to be difficult in the beginning. But with regular efforts and consistency habits can be removed. Just by changing this very habit, it has been observed that the rate of people getting infected dropped drastically.


Quite common among men is that they shake hands. With rapid increase in cases it has been observed that most of the times, cases spread due to physical contact with handshaking as a means. On a daily bases we shake hands as much as we 3-4 times in just an hour. This is something that should not be taken lightly. although it is just another daily based habit. But since normal days are long gone. It is very important to understand that we must avoid shaking hands. It is crucial to understand that covid has spread to a vast extend because of such petty day to day habits we all have.

Always Carry Hand Sanitizer

Wheather is before we eat a meal or after it, or it is that you just feel like cleaning your hands. One thing is certain, if you are outside somewere then you might be using a wahsroom to sanitize your hands. Now, Here is a thing that even if you are using a pump action soap still you need to touch that taps to operate except if it is a censor based tap. in any case carrying a sanitizer is always a good habit to follow.


After going through all these points one thing is certainly clear that not just covid-19 but whatever infectious disease it is. Diseases often spread because of commonly followed habits. Which is exactly why it is difficult to recover from such waves of mass distruction at a major scale. But at the end these are just my thoughts on the bases of research that was done by me. What do you think about it, let me know about your opinion regarding precautions to be taken for avoiding covid-19 or corona virus. Let me know if you have some more unmentioned Precautions in the comments. Your feedback would be greatly appretiated.

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