Silent Heart Attack Symptoms and Precautions

Over the past decades rate of deaths due to heart has increased violently. In this era of highly efficient medical resources it has become a shame for all. But what exactly is heart attack? Why does it occur? And What makes it so dangerous? If these questions also strike your mind then stay tuned because we are going to discuss this in deapth. But to put things simple heart attack as mostly beacause of this one widle observed factor, that is inactive lifestyle. Such life style is often an invitation to bad health, obesity and ofcourse heart attaacks and many more long lasting illnesses.

What is Heart Attack?

Heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout our body. By this pumping action it actually provides oxygen to muscles all around the body. If some muscle due to certain reason does not recieve oxygen it will get damaged. Now, What would happen if our Heart which is the most vital muscle don’t gets enough oxygen. This is what exactly causes heart attack.

What happens is that with ageing fat cells start sedimenting inside our Arteries which are responsible for carrying oxygenated blood through out the body. Slowly and steadily this sedimentation results in blockage of a certain artrie and if this keeps on going the way things are, Alot of arteries will get blocked. As a result our heart won’t be able to function properly. This as an end result urges Heart Attack.

What is Silent Heart Attack

During a heart attack people feel a sensation of pain in their chest. But what if due to some reason that pain is not felt? That is exaclty what a silent heart attack is. Generally people done feel heart attack either due to they were under the effect of some anesthesia or that could be a diabetic person. Yes, Silent heart attacks are very common among diabetic people.

Why Diabetic People Don’t Feel any Pain?

People suffering from diabetes for a long time are the ones who don’t feel any chest pain. This is because with the passage of time sensory nerve cells which are responsible for sensing any potentional pain get damage or disfunctional. That is why during a heart attack a person with diabetes don’t get any nerval input and thus silent heart attack occures.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

Before we get to symptoms there are two terms you must understand first. Firstly heart attack occurs due to artery blockage due to fat sedimentation. In this case, patients usually feel chest pain and breath loss. But there is one more way in which heart attack occurs because of blood clots inside arteries. Cloting occurs at a much faster rate than fat sedimentations which is why such heart attacks are much more severe. People suffering from this heart condition are supposed to be treated under emergency conditions also the pain is severe.

During a heart attack you can also feel pain going all the way from right side of your jaw to complete right arm. Also alot of sweating can be observed. Difficulty to catch breath can also be widely seen.


Here are 4 habbits to follow by which you can protect yourself from heart attack.

  1. Eat At least 4-5 fruits and veggies everyday. By maintaining your diet with this method, You will be able to achieve an abundant amount of multivitamins and minerals. Thus fulfilling your nutritional requirements will help your heart stay healthy.
  2. Next, it is suggested to exercise 5 times a week. Nota very hard workout but doing a vigorously fast walk will help you a lot in staying physically fit. Exercises like Cardio are very good for you heart as they are specialised in training your heart.
  3. Next thing you need to do is calculate you BMI (Body Mass Index). After calculating try to getting somewere near arount 25 by this you will get a very good idea about how much you need to workout. Only then you would be able to workout properly.
  4. At last try avoiling smoking and liquor. There are number of wayss that they will effect you. Firstly they increase sexual harmones, ie testosterone in men. Also they will damage lungs of the user. Loss of stamina and much more.


A heart attack is something that is truly life-threatening. it occurs because of either fat sedimentation around arteries, or because of blood clotting. For whatever reason the heart attack is, firstly you need to see a doctor within the first hour of attack as it is the golden hour of a patient’s life. Common symptoms of heart attack are breathing difficulty, chest pain left jaw pain and left shoulder pain.

Heart attact is mostly occuring because of inactive life style. To prevent heart attack you need to follow some set precautions.

  1. Eat more fruits and veggies.
  2. Don’t smoke or drink.
  3. Keep a note or your BMI and try to hit 25 as a target.
  4. Exercise 5 times a week.

If you follow these it is certainly clear that you will not be hit by heart attack. Although In case od diabetic people heart attacks aould come silently so they need to be double concious about it. This is because sensory nerve cells near chest gets damaged due to diabetes.

So what are your thoughts about heart attack. If you like, you are free to share your thoughts or past experiences, if any in comments. A feedback from your side would be greatly appreciable.

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